Should States Set Their Own Marijuana Rules? Time for Congress to Say Yes

policymicpicThe US law maker- Congress holds the power to determine laws in the nation. That vested power is currently set to decide whether states will have the sovereignty to make their own marijuana policies.

Different states have made considerable steps toward accepting marijuana mainly because of its medical purposes. Yet the federal government has continued to influence the decisions made in these states. The Constitution empowers the federal government to overrule state decisions.

Constitutional amendment that would free these states to make their decisions independently with regard to marijuana is in the offing. The amendment that is pending voting to a Justice Department should determine the fate of marijuana and the free marijuana states.

Reasons why Congress members need to vote this amendment 

More than half the total states comprising the United States of America currently have laws that allow at least some use of marijuana. Medical use of marijuana is already permitted in twenty three states as well as the District of Columbia. Four other states currently recognize cannabis and regulate its production and sale to all grownups. Washington D.C. for instance has no penalties for any personal use of marijuana. Neither does it punish persons for possession or cultivation of the plant.

Well over a dozen more states allow patients to be in possession of a certain compound extracted from the marijuana plant and used to suppress convulsion. CBD or cannabidiol is an extract of cannabis that has many medical uses in addition to being an anticonvulsant.  Cultivation of the plant in its industrial state (industrial hemp) is permitted in almost half of all the states.

The federal government still has the powers to prosecute an individual found with marijuana even if their state allows the medical plant. This is causing controversies and is reason enough for the US Congress to now draw a definite line with this plant.

Amendment of the current law would allow the states in which cannabis is now permitted and their residents to implement their marijuana policies free from interference of the federal government. People found in possession of the medical marijuana will not be prosecuted by the federal government if they come from states where marijuana is legal.

Even a better reason for Congress to approve the said amendment is the fact that the general public has become more supportive of marijuana. A good majority have testified for its medical effectiveness. The same opinion is shared by the business community. Payment processors are already offering Marijuana Merchant Processing services.

Hopefully, these reasons will dawn on the US Congress and make the members vote in favor of the amendment.

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