Texas Marijuana Legalization Getting Many Votes

Medical marijuana use has been a touchy subject for many years now. With many states moving forward with legalization, but federal laws remaining strict, it’s difficult to know where cannabis use stands these days.

medical marijuana payment processingThe “Christian Case” has been making headlines across the nation. The infamous Texas bill is attempting to legalize marijuana for religious purposes. As a surprise to many, it’s actually getting a lot of votes and is moving forward much more than expected.

Texan Marijuana Rights Changing

Texas has long been against all use of marijuana, be it for recreational or medicinal purposes. However, with this new bill having received three democratic votes and two republican votes in House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, it’s now going to Calendars Committee before ultimately reaching House Committee.

It’s a huge step forward in the legalization of marijuana in the state of Texas. With marijuana business funding be more and more accessible, we had to see it coming. However, nobody would have expected this bill to make it this far.

What the Bill Proposes

The bill itself is a major step. It’s seeking full legalization and decriminalization on religious grounds. Although the bill clearly states that marijuana would remain illegal for minors, parents would have the ultimate decision about where marijuana belongs in their household.

This bill would ultimately place marijuana on a similar standing as alcohol and tobacco.

Religion and Marijuana Use

This entire bill is based around marijuana being a creation of God. Reverends and pastors across the state are coming forward, stating that marijuana use should be a decision that individuals make, not the government. Although not all religious representatives are for marijuana use, many of them still believe that it was put on Earth for a reason and it should be legalized.

While most people thought marijuana would be legalized for medical purposes, it may in fact be spirituality that acts as the stepping-stone to legalizing marijuana in the 21st century. Although the bill still has a long way to go before being official, it’s no longer an unrealistic expectation.

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