MMJ Payment Processing

We are dedicated to providing the latest in electronic payment processing to the medical marijuana industry. We’re safe, secure and 100% legal.

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marijuana merchants

Retail Dispensaries

cardReaderWe provide safe and secure credit and debit card payment processing using our PIN based program designed specifically for the MMJ industry. Dispensaries have faced many challenges when trying to start accepting electronic payments at their locations.

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Delivery Dispensaries

Credit Card ProcessingWe are now offering wireless payment processing services using our PIN system for delivery or mobile dispensaries. In the past only retail dispensaries could use our PIN based program due to industry restrictions. Now mobile dispensaries can accept payments on the go.

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Legal Info

Marijuana Legalized

Members of Congress, Jared Polis and Earl Blumenauer, have introduced measures to de-federalize marijuana policy. Groundbreaking

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New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization

New Hampshire

A bipartisan group of lawmakers have introduced legislation making New Hampshire the third state legalizing the recreational marijuana use.

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Wireless Terminals

Medical marijuana dispensaries offering delivery services have reliable credit card processing options available. Groundbreaking wireless

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Kentucky Marijuana Legalization

Kentucky Hemp?

Senator Mitch McConnell, previously an outspoken opponent of marijuana law reform, has surprised many and come out

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