Majority of Voters in Swing States Are in Favor of Legalization

Marijuana American FlagRecently, attention has been on the swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was not anticipated that these states would be the next to campaign for the legalization of marijuana, but voters have revealed in a recent poll that they do indeed support it. In fact, the majority of voters in these three states support permitting adults to possess marijuana legally.

According to survey data published by Quinnipiac University on April 6, 2015, 55% to 42% of Florida voters support allowing adults to possess marijuana in small quantities for the purpose of personal use. In addition, 52% to 44% supported this legalization in Ohio. In Pennsylvania, 51% of voters revealed that they supported this legalization while 45% oppose it.

Voters in the swing states did not just reveal their sentiment in favor of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Voters also seem to favor making marijuana available for therapeutic purposes, allowing doctors the ability to recommend cannabis therapy.

According to the poll, 84% to 14% of voters in Florida are in favor of making the plant’s availability for therapeutic purpose legal. In addition, the vote in favor was 84% to 15% in Ohio and 88% to 10% in Pennsylvania.

Despite these votes in favor of both the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, lawmakers have yet to hold any hearings on either the legislation seeking to regulate marijuana use and retail sale or the legislation to permit regulatory access to medical cannabis. Both pieces of legislation are pending in Florida and Pennsylvania.

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