Marijuana Glossary Terms

medical marijuana payment processingNot sure about some of the terms floating around the cannabis industry? What are “edibles”? What is “indica”? This glossary of terms will broaden your understanding of the jargon of the medical and recreational marijuana industry.

Backcross (BX) – this term is used for a hybrid plant that has been bred with one of its parents; this is done in order to create offspring that is closer to the original parent. Doing this maintains rarer strains and can strengthen the ones that have desired recessive genes.

BHOBHO stands for butane hash oil. It is a potent concentrate of cannabinoids; this concentrate is made by dissolving marijuana in its plant form in a solvent. When this is done, it results in a very high THC level product.

Cannabinoidscannabinoids are chemical compounds unique to cannabis. They act upon the body’s receptors to produce various effects such as pain relief; thus, the medical beneficial uses of marijuana.

Cannabis – cannabis is a plant genus that produces three species of flowering plants. They include “Cannabis sativa”, “Cannabis indica” and “Cannabis Ruderalis”.

Co-op – this term is short for cooperative. It refers to a community of patients or consumers that have joined together to share/receive marijuana.

Cross (genetics)a cross occurs when two entirely different plant strains are bred together.

Dab/Dabbing – this term is a slang term and refers to a dose of BHO, which is received through butane combustion and inhalation.

Edibles/Mediblesthese are edible goods that have been medicated – infused with cannabis extracts. These goods include (but not limited to) cookies, brownies, flavored coffee drinks, bread and candies.

Flowering Time – this term refers to the amount of times it takes a plant to produce mature flowers.

Heirloomheirloom refers to a cannabis strain taken from it native homeland and propagated in a new location.

Hybrid a hybrid is a plant that has been genetically crossed between one or more separate strains of cannabis.

Indica – is taken from the scientific cannabis indica. This species is known for its relaxing physical effects and sedative quality. Its origin is the Middle East and Asia.

OG – this term is used to describe many strains; most OGs are different variations of the original OG Kush genetics.

Pre-roll this term refers to a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette.

Shatter/Icethese terms are sometimes used to refer to BHO.

Tincturethis refers to a liquid cannabis. It is usually made with either alcohol or glycerol and dosed with a dropper. It can be placed under the tongue or mixed into a drink.

Vaporizer – this term refer to a device used to consume marijuana. The device heats flowers or marijuana infused oils to a point where a cannabinoid-laced vapor is produced to inhale.

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