Marijuana industry creates new job sector with an estimated 200,000 jobs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Marijuana industry will create an estimated 200,000 jobs by the end of 2015, with a forecasted $21 billion in revenue by the year 2020. The marijuana legalization measure passed in December 2014 will bring safety for those interested in working in the marijuana business. New employees are hired every day as the marijuana industry continues to grow.

With the new Federal spending bill that was passed, Marijuana operations are free from FDA and DEA raids as long as they abide by state laws. This is a monumental step towards more people feeling confident working in the marijuana industry. The estimated 200,000 new jobs that will be created should help the influx of college graduates and cannabis entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

Benefits of the medical marijuana can be more widely available as more operations will be opening up throughout the legal states. The estimated $21 billion in revenue will surely bring in the much needed tax dollars. Progressive times are evident as the cultural shift towards cannabis acceptance is happening before our eyes.

The new and growing marijuana industry clearly forecast an upwards climb in sales as new grow operations have received the green light to grow without FDA or DEA interruption. Depending on the demand, the industry could actually be worth more than the estimated figures by 2020. If you are interested in getting into the industry make sure to get the proper marijuana business funding to start your business. At they can help you with all the necessary funding to buy supplies and materials to get your business up and running. With industry specific knowledge, they can help you with all your marijuana needs.

The marijuana industry is without a doubt a growing industry. California is suggested to be worth $31 billion in cannabis, which is a huge return in tax dollars. With the new marijuana bill in place, time will tell exactly how many new jobs and revenue will be created. As of now, this is the best time to revel in the new changes and the opportunities it will bring.

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