Minnesota Chooses Who will have the First Coveted Grow Licenses

high risk marijuana merchant servicesOn May 29th, Governor Mark Dayton signed a bipartisan medical marijuana proposal that made Minnesota the 22nd state to exempt certain sick individuals from receiving penalties for using marijuana with a doctor’s certification. The medical marijuana laws are strict in that they prohibit smoking of the drug; it can only be consumed via a manufactured pill or in oil form.

Other steps for the industry have been taken in the state of Minnesota. The grow licenses for the state have become extremely coveted. On the first of December, Minnesota’s state Department of Health handed out the grow licenses to LeafLine Labs and Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed).

LeafLine is operated by the owners of Bachman’s Floral Gift and Garden Centers in Minnesota. MinnMed works with People’s Choice Medica which is a cannabis consulting firm based in Denver Colorado. Both companies will be providing services to 5,000 patients in the state of Minnesota.

Ten hopeful producers had been awaiting the decision of who would be lucky enough to receive the licenses for the state’s first two legal producers of medical cannabis. The material grown by these two producers will be sold in “distribution centers”. However, before more dispensaries can be built throughout the state, these companies will have to win the approval of locals. If all goes well, Minnesota’s medical marijuana patients will have access to these product by July 1st.

At the moments, the companies have the huge task of developing new, massive grow facilities for their up and coming businesses. As the state continues to become comfortable with idea of the industry moving in, more opportunities will be opening up.

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