Recreational Marijuana Has Taken Over Medical in Colorado

The marijuana state, Colorado stampWhile many states are just now hopping on the medical marijuana wagon, the sales in Colorado are beginning to increase for recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana sales in Colorado actually fell during 2014. The number of medical cardholders also fell; these medical users have begun to purchase through recreational instead.

According to an article by Susan Scutti of Medical Daily, “Looking at the current trend line, the research and advisory firm predicts the average patient count will continue to decline – from approximately 114,000 in 2014 to 99,000 by 2020 – while the number of recreational users grows”.

Despite the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, many remain hesitant and reluctant due to the substance still being illegal on the federal level. Colorado has not full embraced the legalized drug, medically or recreationally. Even though the tax revenues are tempting, most jurisdictions in the state will not allow marijuana sales – of any kind.

In addition, people are avoiding registering for a pot card. The illegal status of marijuana on the federal level is keeping people afraid that doing so will lead to feds busting down their doors. As a result of this fear, people have become willing to pay extra to be invisible.

Business continues to be difficult for those in this industry for the same reason that it is hard for its customers – the illegal status on the federal level. Marijuana has been and continues to be classified as a Schedule I drug; this means, according to federal law, marijuana has “no accepted medical use”.

Because of this, banks remain unwilling to allow dispensaries to deposit their profits with them. Acquiring business funding is also difficult, if not impossible. While legalization in the state of Colorado may be established, the reality and practice of it is a completely different story.

Many marijuana businesses have turned to medical marijuana payment processing. As states continue to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, providers that offer these specialized services are working to fill the gap that businesses need as the states continue to work through the process of acceptance that follows legalization.

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