Tax Free Pot Holiday Brings Many to Denver

Training-Dispensary-Staff-TipsMany areas host “tax free” weekends or holidays for various goods: clothing, electronic, back to school goods. Back in September, Denver got creative and held a tax free marijuana sales day. Thanks to Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), the state had already hit their tax cap on the marijuana dealers. So, for one day the 10% tax was dropped. Sales went up, and unlike the fears of the opposition, nothing bad happened.

Even though Denver has shown much success with their legalized recreational marijuana, many still oppose it. It is successful enough that in mid-September it has already passed the tax dollar threshold for the state. Yet, some still view it dangerous and perhaps a way to spark crime in the area. Unlike the good ol’ street dealer, marijuana dispensaries are highly regulated by the city and state, and this regulation makes it tough for a dispensary to partake in any wrongdoing. It also makes it hard for a dispensary to get off the ground, at all. While a merchant may open a dispensary after a bevy of red tape, there is another important task that lies at hand: dispensary check processing.

Finding a good check processor is tough for every business, but it is even tougher for a legalized recreational marijuana or medical marijuana dispensary. These dispensaries are in the processing industry’s “high risk” category, meaning that they are at a higher risk of having fraudulent charges, and a higher risk of closing up shop. The recreational marijuana industry in Denver is showing that these businesses are profitable, and here to stay, but the processing industry for the most part isn’t buying.

Because of this, it takes effort to find the right dispensary check processor. A good rule of thumb is to ask others who have been in the industry for a while. Not everyone will use the same processor, but you can get ahold of the names and start your research. Many start with Google, but top Google search option are paying to show up in the first page, and may not be the best option overall. Be smart with your searches and research, because a check processor is one of the most important things you will obtain for your dispensary.

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Colorado Bans EBT Card Withdrawals at Pot Shops

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Pot shop customers (and merchants), pay attention: Colorado has now banned EBT withdrawals from ATM machines in pot shops. While the state previously banned its withdrawals in casinos, liquor stores, and gun shops, this newest ban may leave some shaking their heads. Because pot shops are located in many communities, customers and non-customers alike use their ATM machines as a convenience for EBT cash withdrawal. While this is a setback and inconvenience for many, it should not deter you from operating your shop as you normally would. In fact, it may actually encourage you to look for other payment options beside the popular “cash only” method.

Many Colorado pot shops are “cash only” for many reasons, however it is dangerous. Many establishments have been victimized because of this, and once the cash is gone, your business is out of luck. The revenue is lost, never to return. You need to look for a marijuana payment processing company. You may think this is impossible, because of the stigma on the newly legalized market. True, many processors turn their noses up at the idea of providing a payment processing account to a marijuana merchant, but there are some who do not. One of the best in the business is MMA, or Marijuana Merchant Account.

MMA is different from traditional payment processors for many reasons. For starters, MMA is one of the foremost knowledgeable processors in the legalized marijuana industry. What tends to happen when a new product becomes legalized is that a few payment processors will hop aboard, only to charge huge processing fees. This is not the case with MMA. MMA has been helping legalized recreational and legalized medical marijuana merchants for over 10 years safely accept plastic payment cards with a low processing fee. This low fee does not mean that service is shabby; in fact, it means that MMA wants your business to succeed.

One of the biggest issues with marijuana payment processing accounts is the sub-par security and terminals that are offered up to marijuana merchants. This is not the case with MMA, as top of the line security, software, and terminals are offered. Regardless of how you operate your pot shop, MMA has the tools that you need to succeed.

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Recreational Marijuana Has Taken Over Medical in Colorado

The marijuana state, Colorado stampWhile many states are just now hopping on the medical marijuana wagon, the sales in Colorado are beginning to increase for recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana sales in Colorado actually fell during 2014. The number of medical cardholders also fell; these medical users have begun to purchase through recreational instead.

According to an article by Susan Scutti of Medical Daily, “Looking at the current trend line, the research and advisory firm predicts the average patient count will continue to decline – from approximately 114,000 in 2014 to 99,000 by 2020 – while the number of recreational users grows”.

Despite the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, many remain hesitant and reluctant due to the substance still being illegal on the federal level. Colorado has not full embraced the legalized drug, medically or recreationally. Even though the tax revenues are tempting, most jurisdictions in the state will not allow marijuana sales – of any kind.

In addition, people are avoiding registering for a pot card. The illegal status of marijuana on the federal level is keeping people afraid that doing so will lead to feds busting down their doors. As a result of this fear, people have become willing to pay extra to be invisible.

Business continues to be difficult for those in this industry for the same reason that it is hard for its customers – the illegal status on the federal level. Marijuana has been and continues to be classified as a Schedule I drug; this means, according to federal law, marijuana has “no accepted medical use”.

Because of this, banks remain unwilling to allow dispensaries to deposit their profits with them. Acquiring business funding is also difficult, if not impossible. While legalization in the state of Colorado may be established, the reality and practice of it is a completely different story.

Many marijuana businesses have turned to medical marijuana payment processing. As states continue to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, providers that offer these specialized services are working to fill the gap that businesses need as the states continue to work through the process of acceptance that follows legalization.

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Legalization of Marijuana Creates New Economy in Denver

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Denver in 2014, the city has created a profitable industry where individuals and businesses can thrive. Now the city officially has more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks, making it the place to be for new marijuana entrepreneurs. Although the city has been in the center of heated debates and punchlines, marijuana’s effects on the economy are no laughing matter.

Since its legalization, marijuana has created a large job market and increased tax revenue, to the tune of $44 million. Now smart entrepreneurs are rushing to the state to grow and sell their own special strands of marijuana. Companies are popping up left and right, dealing with all aspects of the marijuana trade. Many are creating marijuana-infused products, like sodas, lotions, cookies, and other edibles.

Once marijuana was legalized in Denver, many residents were concerned that it would lead to an increase in drug related accidents, drug related crimes, and drug use in children. Thus far, these fears have not come to pass. According to a Denver Post poll, crime rates have remained stable in the city, while its car fatalities and murder rate decreased in 2014. Also there has yet to be any definitive proof that legalization has increased the use of marijuana for people under 21 years of age.

Jack Strauss of the University of Denver, recently conducted a study on the economic impact of two of Denver’s major marijuana dispensaries, Colorado Harvest Company and Evergreen Apothecary. Strauss found that the combined economic impact of both stores was seven times the impact of the average restaurant or retail store in the metro area. Tax revenue from both totaled over $1.07 million for Colorado and over $390,000 for the city.

Despite the embracing of marijuana businesses in Colorado, many marijuana merchants still find it difficult to secure competent recreational or medical marijuana payment processing from traditional lenders. However, there are some experienced online payment processors that specialize in this area.

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Marijuana Industry Banking focus for Colorado Governor

The marijuana state, Colorado stampThe traditional banking industry has disassociated from the marijuana industry for a long time. All that is about to change in the state of Colorado with the Governor focusing on putting the marijuana industry banking a top priority for the growing sector in their state. The once unregulated and unstructured marijuana industry lead banks fearful of crackdowns by the federal government, but with new laws allowing the selling of medical marijuana according to state laws, Colorado has seen an explosion of revenue coming from the marijuana industry.

With the beneficial increase in state revenue from the marijuana industry taxes, Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, is aiming to make the marijuana industry free of corruption by focusing on banks to start working with the marijuana merchants. It’s clear that the marijuana industry is risky in business terms, but with legalization of medical marijuana in the state, the all-cash industry, can face many problems without a proper partnership with the banks.

Banking has been a major issue for the industry, but in Colorado, the marijuana industry is thriving and a well functioning banking partnership must be had to reduce crime and corruption. With the continuing battle with public health and public safety concerns, the marijuana industry has shown that the legalization laws are working. Taking into consideration from health officials, industry, law enforcement, and community members, the marijuana industry has surpassed all doubts and has shown beneficial economic growth for the state of Colorado.

No matter how banks see it, the marijuana industry has shown positive light to the right people. Marijuana merchants can know that they are safe as long as they abide by state laws. For marijuana merchants, it’s a good time to expand cash-only payments and allow processing credit and debit card purchases. can help you set up a marijuana merchant processing account. They have industry knowledge and cater to all the necessary needs of the marijuana merchant.

The all-cash industry is restrictive and is slowing down the potential of larger sales. Accepting debit and credit cards will reduce robberies. As medical marijuana sales continue to show positive growth, a comprehensive banking reform should be made for the necessary marijuana industry.

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