Legalized Marijuana Helps All Industries – Including Real Estate

marijuana dispensary merchant accountMarijuana and real estate may seem like they do not go together, at least legally. When you think of the two words together, you may think of a big drug lord and his mega mansion. However, in today’s world legalized marijuana is quickly becoming a familiar feature, and this legality can help local real estate markets. It doesn’t help only because the proprietor is making big bucks, but it helps small downtown areas, and other commercial areas. This legalization has caused some to worry, but for areas who have legalized it, they are seeing the economic growth that it can bring.

One of the unknown or perhaps un-thought of, real estate issues that come with legalized marijuana is where it is grown. New York State, which has legalized medical marijuana, permits the marijuana to be grown in an enclosed greenhouse or warehouse. This brings the need for rentable space, or buyable space for those lucky ones who can afford to purchase property in New York. These are spaces that otherwise would be unoccupied, and thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana, they are now occupied, and the monies paid in rent is filtered back through the state’s economy. Other have found that hemp, a nationally legalized strain of cannabis, can be grown and used for other things. For instance, clothing, jewelry, and building materials. Hemp can be shipped around the globe, unlike it’s green cousin, and can be grown and processed (and used) without any odor.

While starting your own legalized marijuana business can bring you big bucks, it can also contribute to all aspects of your local economy. From providing jobs, to renting a retail space, to ordering takeout at local restaurants, the economic flow is endless. You need to make sure that you have your company in order, from employees down to marijuana merchant processing account, so that your business can fully contribute to your local economy. Not all areas are welcoming to the industry as soon as it is legalized, but after the local economy grows, they become friendlier to the new growth in the area.

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Should States Set Their Own Marijuana Rules? Time for Congress to Say Yes

policymicpicThe US law maker- Congress holds the power to determine laws in the nation. That vested power is currently set to decide whether states will have the sovereignty to make their own marijuana policies.

Different states have made considerable steps toward accepting marijuana mainly because of its medical purposes. Yet the federal government has continued to influence the decisions made in these states. The Constitution empowers the federal government to overrule state decisions.

Constitutional amendment that would free these states to make their decisions independently with regard to marijuana is in the offing. The amendment that is pending voting to a Justice Department should determine the fate of marijuana and the free marijuana states.

Reasons why Congress members need to vote this amendment 

More than half the total states comprising the United States of America currently have laws that allow at least some use of marijuana. Medical use of marijuana is already permitted in twenty three states as well as the District of Columbia. Four other states currently recognize cannabis and regulate its production and sale to all grownups. Washington D.C. for instance has no penalties for any personal use of marijuana. Neither does it punish persons for possession or cultivation of the plant.

Well over a dozen more states allow patients to be in possession of a certain compound extracted from the marijuana plant and used to suppress convulsion. CBD or cannabidiol is an extract of cannabis that has many medical uses in addition to being an anticonvulsant.  Cultivation of the plant in its industrial state (industrial hemp) is permitted in almost half of all the states.

The federal government still has the powers to prosecute an individual found with marijuana even if their state allows the medical plant. This is causing controversies and is reason enough for the US Congress to now draw a definite line with this plant.

Amendment of the current law would allow the states in which cannabis is now permitted and their residents to implement their marijuana policies free from interference of the federal government. People found in possession of the medical marijuana will not be prosecuted by the federal government if they come from states where marijuana is legal.

Even a better reason for Congress to approve the said amendment is the fact that the general public has become more supportive of marijuana. A good majority have testified for its medical effectiveness. The same opinion is shared by the business community. Payment processors are already offering Marijuana Merchant Processing services.

Hopefully, these reasons will dawn on the US Congress and make the members vote in favor of the amendment.

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What Presidential Candidates Really Think About Medical Marijuana

Clinton-2016-tattoo-595x1056The medical marijuana industry has been a debate for many over the course of the past couple decades. With the 2016 presidential elections coming up, many people have been wondering what each candidate truly thinks about medical use of cannabis.

Marijuana Merchant Processing and other medical marijuana merchant processors are making it easier for cannabis dispensaries to accept payments, thus growing this industry at a rapid pace. Presidential candidates no longer have a choice; they need to have an opinion on the issue at hand.

We have divided the candidates into two groups: those who are for legalizing medical marijuana and those against.

Presidential Candidates for Marijuana Use

There are currently three presidential candidates that have demonstrated interest in moving forward with the full legalization of medical marijuana. Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have all said positive things about marijuana use and its medical values.

Bernie Sanders has voted in favor of a bill that prevents the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. He also mentioned that medical cannabis legalization is not a priority of his, but he will definitely look into it.

Hillary Clinton believes that there hasn’t been enough research done in terms of marijuana’s medical values and she would like to move forward with such procedures. Although recreational use is not in the near future, she definitely wants to look into the medical benefits that marijuana can deliver.

Rand Paul is one of the only candidates that is all for medical marijuana legalization. He is the original sponsor of a bill that would end federal war on medical cannabis use. Although he does not promote use of the drug, he believes that it can bring a lot of good to the medical industry.

Presidential Candidates Against Marijuana Use

There are five candidates that have demonstrated absolutely no interest in legalizing and decriminalizing medical marijuana. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Carly Florina and Marco Rubio are all against legalization.

Ben Carson says it should be completely off the table. Although the retired neurosurgeon believes it has its benefits, he also believes that it’s a gateway drug that can lead to much more serious issues.

Mike Huckabee is a former Baptist pastor that is completely against the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. He even mentions that he would not prevent the DEA from raiding patients in states where medical cannabis use is legal.

Ted Cruz doesn’t believe in the legalization of marijuana use. He has displayed a lot of efforts to continue criminalizing patients that use marijuana even in states where it is legal.

Carly Florina is not entirely against the use of medical marijuana, but she does not plan on ending the prohibition. Although Florina wants to allow states to move forward with their own laws, she doesn’t believe in decriminalizing it.

Marco Rubio is against decriminalizing marijuana use and believes that legalizing it would be adding another substance abuse problem to this country. Although he refuses to move forward with medical marijuana legalization at the moment, he did mention that he may reconsider it in the future.

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Rep. David Simpson Proposes Ending Pot Prohibition in Texas

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????On March 2, Texas’ Independence Day, Rep. David Simpson used the occasion to voice his opinion on marijuana and its place in Texas. He filed a sweeping bill (HB 2165) that would potentially end marijuana prohibition for the state. This proposal would end marijuana prohibition, but it would not substitute a regulatory scheme.

Rep. David Simpson’s feelings on this subject are very different from his colleagues. He will more than likely experience great resistance from within his own party because of his stance on marijuana and its place in the state of Texas.

Simpson has consistently promoted the principles of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility. In addition, he is known for his “Christian case” on drug law reform.

In a news release given by his office, Simpson gave the statement that “Current marijuana policies are not based on science or sound evidence, but rather misinformation and fear. All that God created is good, including marijuana. God did not make a mistake when he made marijuana that the government needs to fix”.

Simpson also revealed in his statement that the bill proposes regulating the plant like tomatoes, jalapeños and coffee is regulated. He also expressed the wish for the plant to be able to be utilized for good. He feels that it should be used to help people who suffer from seizures, warriors who suffer from PTSD and other beneficial products.

Rep. Simpson is alone so far in that the only previously filed pot-reform bills proposed this session were by Democrats. The one exception is that there were proposals made by both House and Senate Republicans to allow the production and use of specialized cannabis oil to treat cases of severe epilepsy.

For now, where Texas will come out on the legalization of marijuana is yet to be determined. The war on drugs is not usually addressed by many white suburban law makers, especially a tea party Republican from East Texas. If any Republican would be able to bring the others out of their comfort zone, it would seem that Rep. Simpson would be the one to accomplish it.

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Potential Bill Could Provide Big Opportunities for Marijuana Companies

medical marijuana payment processingA new measure introduced to Alaska’s state legislature could potentially create opportunities for expansion minded cannabis companies in other states. This measure would ban applicants seeking a recreational cannabis license from accepting third parties.

The result of this piece of legislature would give established companies the upper hand over the smaller startups and individual entrepreneurs. This ban will make it extremely difficult for these startups and entrepreneurs who would most likely have to be entirely self-funded.

According to California cannabis attorney, Ben Adams, “Everybody except corporations that are well-funded are going to be (out of luck), because either you have the money to do this on your own, or you’re prohibited from getting investors”.

In addition, it would be a very simple task for existing companies in other states to bypass the proposed one-year residency requirement for individuals seeking licenses. As of right now, the only requirement by the state of Alaska is that the agent be a state resident while also having and maintaining a registered office. This individual could be an attorney, accountant or even a secretary. In light of this, it would be easy for out-of-state, existing companies to sweep in and take over the market.

Another hit to startups and individual entrepreneurs is that there could be a potential plant-count limit for certain cultivation license categories. However, these regulations do not include a limit for major producers – another plus for the larger organizations.

This bill makes Alaska unique in comparison to other recreational marijuana states. It includes six different license types: home grower, producer, processor, retailer, broker and boutique producer. So far, the only license with plant count limits are the boutique permits and home grow permits. Boutique producer permits would experience a limit of 50 plants, while home grow permits would have a limit of six plants.

This bill has a long journey before it becomes a law. The first scheduled hearing before the state Senate’s Judiciary Committee was set for March 5th and can last until the 19th of April. It will take time to see what decisions will be and what the market dynamics in Alaska are going to look like, especially for startups and individual entrepreneurs.

For those interested in opening a business in the marijuana industry, it can be very difficult if not impossible to receive funding. Why? On the federal level, marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 substance. In light of this, traditional financial systems are hesitant or refuse to offer their services.

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Marijuana Industry Banking focus for Colorado Governor

The marijuana state, Colorado stampThe traditional banking industry has disassociated from the marijuana industry for a long time. All that is about to change in the state of Colorado with the Governor focusing on putting the marijuana industry banking a top priority for the growing sector in their state. The once unregulated and unstructured marijuana industry lead banks fearful of crackdowns by the federal government, but with new laws allowing the selling of medical marijuana according to state laws, Colorado has seen an explosion of revenue coming from the marijuana industry.

With the beneficial increase in state revenue from the marijuana industry taxes, Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, is aiming to make the marijuana industry free of corruption by focusing on banks to start working with the marijuana merchants. It’s clear that the marijuana industry is risky in business terms, but with legalization of medical marijuana in the state, the all-cash industry, can face many problems without a proper partnership with the banks.

Banking has been a major issue for the industry, but in Colorado, the marijuana industry is thriving and a well functioning banking partnership must be had to reduce crime and corruption. With the continuing battle with public health and public safety concerns, the marijuana industry has shown that the legalization laws are working. Taking into consideration from health officials, industry, law enforcement, and community members, the marijuana industry has surpassed all doubts and has shown beneficial economic growth for the state of Colorado.

No matter how banks see it, the marijuana industry has shown positive light to the right people. Marijuana merchants can know that they are safe as long as they abide by state laws. For marijuana merchants, it’s a good time to expand cash-only payments and allow processing credit and debit card purchases. can help you set up a marijuana merchant processing account. They have industry knowledge and cater to all the necessary needs of the marijuana merchant.

The all-cash industry is restrictive and is slowing down the potential of larger sales. Accepting debit and credit cards will reduce robberies. As medical marijuana sales continue to show positive growth, a comprehensive banking reform should be made for the necessary marijuana industry.

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Congress Ends the Ban on Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Merchant ProcessingA provision made in the 1,603 page Federal Spending measure that was approved in December 2014, effectively ends the federal government’s involvement in state legal medical marijuana laws. This is the first time in history that Congress has allowed this change, ringing in a major shift in drug policy for the year 2015.

The Congress passed this measure due to this year’s large number of Republican Party votes. It is the first time in history that Republicans and Democrats had a favorable vote to legalize marijuana. The measure stops the Department of Justice and the DEA from intervening with states that authorize medical marijuana use, cultivation, distribution or possession. It would also prohibit the FDA from raiding retail operations in the 32 states and Washington D.C. where marijuana is legal under medicinal purposes.

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, a notable figure in the Republican Party’s advocate to legal marijuana states, “The first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana”. The major push for the bill, would also appeal to the new millennial voters as Election Day comes around the corner. Even with the new law passed, the DEA remains to classify marijuana in the same drug class as cocaine, heroin, LSD, and ecstasy.

Many Republicans are shifting from their traditional anti-drug stance to gain voters that live in states where medical marijuana is legal, mainly in part to ballot measures. Statistics show that Republican votes will be less than the majority of the public to support legalization of marijuana, but as a large appeal to millennials, the Republican Party are focusing on creating inroads with them.

The approval of the marijuana measure has made the selling and buying of marijuana safe under state laws. If you live in a state that allows medical marijuana use, now would be the appropriate time to open a marijuana merchant processing account to start accepting payments for your shop. has industry knowledge on setting you up with the lowest rates and fast, easy-to-use programs to start processing credit/debit cards.

It has been a large part to the Obama administration for directing federal prosecutors to stop enforcing drug laws that contradict state policies. The federal raids of legal marijuana operations have been limited to those who have been accused of other violations such as money laundering. With the new marijuana law in place, money spent on crime enforcement and be focused elsewhere that needs attention.

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